The Way of the Wise

A Study for Children on Wisdom and Foolishness

Lessons: 28
Target Grade: 3rd Grade
Grade Range: 2nd Grade - 5th Grade


Proverbs is a book of great advice...and an ominous warning. The advice is to pursue wisdom. The warning is to avoid folly, because foolishness leads to destruction. However, wisdom must be pursued—it takes effort, discipline, a teachable heart, and instruction. This curriculum uses the book of Proverbs and other Bible passages to contrast the way of the foolish with the way of the wise. Using a large banner illustrating two paths, children learn about the characteristics and destinations of the foolish and the wise, the meaning of the fear of the Lord, the treasure of wisdom, and the only way to enter the way of the wise—through Jesus Christ.

Connect classroom teaching with the home by encouraging family devotions from God's Wisdom.

This curriculum is only available in the New International Version.

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Sample Lessons
Scope & Sequence (Short)
Scope & Sequence (Expanded)

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