The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

A Study for Children and Adults on the Ten Commandments

Lessons: 13
Grade Range: 1st Grade - Adult

The Ten Commandments have much to teach us about our great and glorious God. They reflect the perfections of God and His heart for His people. They are the foundations of God's moral law. The Righteous Shall Live By Faith is an intergenerational study of the Ten Commandments in their historical context. Each commandment is studied both specifically and generally as the themes of law and grace are taught. Small group discussions take place within the lesson time as well as at the end of the lesson. The final group discussion time for each lesson is presented in a game format. The curriculum is accompanied by a Family Devotional Guide that is designed to help families further their understanding and application of the lesson material.

This curriculum is available in the English Standard Version.

Read Modern Reformation's Review (PDF) of The Righteous Shall Live By Faith Curriculum.

Sample Lessons
Scope & Sequence (Short)
Scope & Sequence (Expanded)


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