The surrounding culture tells young people that they are at the center of their world. We propose a radical alternative—that God be the center of the lives of young people who claim to follow Christ. Our youth resources are designed to equip churches to make mature disciples of Christ who are prepared for a life of passionate service to Him.

Lessons for junior and senior high encourage youth to develop biblical study skills so that they are able to study and apply God’s Word with competence and confidence.

Curriculum Sequence - Youth

Teach Me Your Way
A Study for Youth on Surrender to Jesus and Submission to His Way
Pour Out Your Heart Before Him
A Study for Youth on Prayer and Praise in the Psalms
Your Word Is Truth
A Study for Youth on Seeing All of Life Through the Truth of Scripture
Abiding in Jesus
A Study for Youth on Trusting Jesus and Encouraging Others
Rejoicing in God's Good Design
A Study for Youth on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Open My Eyes
A Study for Youth on Studying the Bible
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