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Children Desiring God is excited to announce the launch of our revised curriculum for elementary Sunday School. Our goal is to revise our resources to be more effective as we partner with you to equip teachers, engage students and impact families. We have been working on the following updates to realize this goal:

  • Devotionals and prayer points help teachers meditate on the spiritual truths of the lesson and challenge them to apply these truths in their lives so they can teach out of the overflow of their heart.
  • Updated lessons improve illustrations to incorporate different learning styles, include more teacher-student interaction, maintain a consistent teaching time and target a specific age level (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd-4th and 5th-6th).
  • Redesigned Teacher's Guides streamline preparation and improve lesson flow and clarity. Teacher's Guides are now available in three formats: a 3-ring binder, a spiral-bound notebook or a downloadable PDF file.
  • Stunning full-color visuals help teach important truths of the curriculum, appealing to students of all ages and assisting visual learners. Each visual resource pack contains original artwork and striking photography appropriate for the target age level. A traditional printed Visuals Packet is available, and visuals can also be used for electronic display.
  • Lessons target specific ages with appropriate reading levels and intellectual comprehension.
  • Bible skill objectives are set for each age group so children grow in their understanding of the Bible. (View the chart explaining Bible Skill Objectives (PDF) for more information.)
  • Optional Activities provide an additional way to reinforce main ideas from the lesson and assist children in memorizing Scripture.
  • Small group discussion questions are carefully structured to lead students from initial comprehension to heart response and practical life action steps.
  • Student Workbooks (grades K-4) and Student Notebooks (grades 5-6) incorporate a new design and age-appropriate activities designed to spark deeper conversations.
  • Growing in Faith Together (GIFT): Parent and Child Resource Pages include a lesson summary and thought-provoking questions to help parents lead children to walk by the way. Family activities are also included. GIFT Pages are available as a convenient spiral-bound reference for parents or as PDF files to email or print. The GIFT pages are now available on iTunes. Learn more.

Download or print Overview (PDF)