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Why are you revising the Children Desiring God curriculum?
When our curriculum was first being developed in 1998, it was written for use in one church, formatting was done in Word (PDF files were relatively unknown), clip art was cutting edge, electronic display meant overhead projectors and this website did not exist. Since then, both technology and the needs of the churches using our curriculum have changed significantly. What has not changed is our vision to teach God-centered Bible truth to children of all ages.

The updated curriculum provides better resources to equip teachers to share truths of the Gospel with the next generation. Children Desiring God is passionate about instructing the mind, engaging the heart and nurturing the faith of children. To the best of our ability, we want to apply the Apostle Peter's instructions to believers to "proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light."

Which curricula are being revised and when will they be available?
Phase 1 of our revision process includes our Sunday School elementary curriculum for Kindergarten to 6th grade. Phase 2 will include Midweek Curriculum.

My Purpose Will Stand (6) Available now!
Jesus What a Savior (K) Available now!
How Majestic is Your Name (5) Available now!
Faithful to All His Promises (2) Available now!
The ABCs of God (1) Available now!
To Be Like Jesus (4) To Be Determined
In the Beginning... Jesus (3) To Be Determined

Can I see a sample of the revised curriculum?
Absolutely! Visit our Sunday School Samples Page to read or download a sample of each revised curriculum.

What Bible translation is used?
The revised curriculum uses the English Standard Version (ESV). The ESV is a literal translation that is also easy to read. We recommend the ESV Children's Bible for use by elementary age children.

For more information about the ESV, read John Piper's article Good English with Minimal Translation: Why Bethlehem Uses the ESV or visit esv.org.

How much will the revised curriculum cost?
We have made an effort to keep costs low and not raise prices on the revised curriculum. Read about Pricing & Upgrade Options for more details.

Is there a discount for upgrading my existing curriculum to revised curriculum?
If you have purchased the curriculum since January 1, 2014, you can upgrade your Teacher Kits and Leader's Editions at a special price. Learn more about Pricing & Upgrade Options.

Note: Upgrade prices will be available for two years after the revised curriculum release date. Student Workbooks, Verse Cards and printed Visuals Packets are not eligible for upgrade pricing.

How can I order the revised curriculum?

For standard pricing:

  1. Log in or create a new account.
  2. Select the resources you want to purchase and add them to your cart. Click "Checkout" when you are finished.
  3. Enter your billing address and credit card information. Click "Continue."
  4. Click "Place Order." Your order is complete!

For upgrade pricing:

  1. Review your order history.
  2. Determine the upgrade items you would like to purchase.
  3. Call Customer Service to place your order at 1.877.400.1414.

Can I mix and match resources from the old and new curriculum?
No, the revised curriculum has major changes and improvements to lessons, illustrations, activities and more. As a result, the original and revised curriculum lessons, visuals and workbooks are not interchangeable.

Will the revised curriculum include lower and upper elementary workbooks?
No, the revised curriculum is written to a specific age group to make it easier for teachers to present the material in an age-appropriate manner and for students to understand. Age groups are: K, 1, 2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Can I still order the original version of the curriculum?
Yes, student materials for archived curricula will be available for three years after the release date of the revised curriculum. Student materials include: Students Workbooks in either print or electronic formats and Verse Cards.
To purchase these student materials from one of our archived curricula, please visit the curriculum page for the curriculum you are interested in. Then follow the link to the "Archived Curriculum Page."

What should I do with my existing curriculum?
We are excited that you are updating your curriculum and will be able to use our new resources. The revised curriculum is designed to replace your existing curriculum and resources are not interchangeable between the old and new versions. You may delete any electronic files and discard your old print resources.

More questions?
Contact our Customer Service Team at 1.877.400.1414 or email us.