How You Are Making a Difference

God-centered children's ministry is fueled by a biblical vision for worship, biblical literacy and faith in the next generation. It involves the willing participation of pastors, parents, congregations and children's ministry workers in an earnest effort to proclaim the praiseworthy name and testimony of the Lord to children of all ages. The vision explores the difference that intentional vision has on ministry, defines the biblical basis for "God-centeredness", examines the place that the Bible has in children's ministry, emphasizes teaching children the whole counsel of God, and urges parents and teachers to encourage faith in the next generation through biblical teaching of the Word and recognizing that faith is a work of God in the heart.

This bold vision for ministry to the next generation overflows into our free training resources to educate teachers and parents. It also fuels the writing of our curricula and resources. These materials are created in English, then freely given to partners to be translated into multiple languages. The curricula and resources are spread to churches, schools, ministries and homes where they are used to teach children how great and glorious God is.


You can help us train leaders and parents, spread resources and teach children around the world to be saturated with the Word of God, to see the excellencies of Jesus Christ exalted and to learn to move through the stages of hearing the Word to embracing the Word to becoming doers of the Word. With your support and prayers for this vision, you can help the next generation set their hope in God.

Translation Projects


Many partners (individuals and organizations) around the world are currently working to translate Children Desiring God curricula into different languages. Your support will allow us to better promote and more widely distribute these translated curricula and resources for free on a new website later in 2017. We have major translation projects currently underway in Korean, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indonesian and seven Indian languages, including Burmese which has over 32 million speakers. Join us in prayer for these projects along with prayer for the start of many more translations.

In 2015, a team translated the booklet "Helping Children Understand the Gospel" into Mandarin. This initial translation project for China has been distributed by 600 missionaries to an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 people in the past year.

Radical Generosity


Each year Children Desiring God significantly discounts or donates curricula, helping churches, schools and families to influence over ten thousand children and youth each year. Your support allows us to generously give so that no one will be prohibited from using our resources because of financial constraints. The need of these ministries and churches and their requests for financial assistance in purchasing curricula are varied. Some request very little financial help, while others have no ability to pay for resources. We do not want money to be what holds anyone back from receiving God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources.

Children Desiring God has been blessed through a long-time partner with Liceos Cristanos schools in El Salvador. We are pleased to provide substantially discounted curricula for over 7,500 children in this school system alone. At teachers at Lichees Cristanos are passionate about teaching these children in the classroom about our great God and partnering with their parents so the training can continue at home.

"I shared with my team yesterday the beauty of God's provision for us through you and we are so incredibly grateful. Thank you so much for being such a blessing to us. We are grateful for you!!! I am in awe of the way God shows His love for these children we work with." -Kimberley, inner city after school ministry, Washington

Free Training


Children Desiring God wants to share our biblical vision for the next generation with pastors, children's ministry leaders and volunteers, youth mentors, parents, grandparents and all with a heart for the next generation. We provide our Foundation Seminars, which present and expound on the vision, for free online along with over 75 seminars to help churches and families put the vision into practice, equip them in their ministry and train them how to best use our resources. Your support will help us continue to produce and release additional training sessions to be distributed for free on our website. Your financial support will also help us reach our goal of providing free registrations for all attendees at our Impact regional conferences.

"This vision has shaped how we disciple our children and how we approach our family worship and devotional time. It is God-centered, Biblical and right. We are thankful for their articulation and faithfulness." -Julie, conference attendee

"I believe this is the best, most extensive, and yet the most succinct philosophy of biblical Christian education I have ever heard or read. I was encouraged that a lot of what we are doing at our church is spot on. But the Foundation Sessions (and the rest of the conference) provided a framework and trajectory for what we are trying to accomplish for Christ in His Church." -Scott, conference attendee

"[The Foundation Sessions] changed everything for me! This was a totally new perspective for me on how to do children's ministry and it makes so much sense. I do not want to settle for 'activities' and watered-down Christianity anymore. I did not realize until David and Sally pointed it out, but I was caught in the trap of telling Bible stories by giving the glory to the characters instead of to God." -conference attendee

"I was blown away by this conference. I did not expect the Lord to work in my heart so much during it. The greatest benefit was the call to be faithful. Teaching and raising kids is hard work. We do not always see the fruit. But God will give me grace to keep investing in the next generation. I was stirred in my heart - convicted and encouraged. I have hope again for my kids and for the children I teach in church. That teaching at this conference was that powerful, and I cannot wait to come back!" -Sandy, conference attendee