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Theme Standing on the Truth: The Sovereignty of God
Date April 7-9, 2005
Location Minneapolis, MN

More than 600 children's ministry leaders joined us for the 2005 Children Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis. We believe that spiritually fruitful ministry begins when those charged with this ministry have full hearts overflowing with love for God and a passion to make Him known to the next generation. Our earnest hope was that all would come away from this conference with a heart overflowing with the wonder, breadth, length, height, and depth of the unsurpassable glory of God in the face of Christ. Plenary speakers included C. J. Mahaney, John Piper, and David and Sally Michael. In addition, a number of seminars provided practical help and encouragement for parents, teachers, leaders, and all who are invested in ministry to children.

2005 Conference - Plenary Sessions

Standing on the Truth: The Sovereignty of God

Why Theology and Doctrine Matter for Children's Ministry (64 minutes)
John Piper
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Sovereign Grace & the Salvation of Children (52 minutes)
C.J. Mahaney
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One Generation Shall Tell Your Works to Another (68 minutes)
David Michael
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Great Truths for Small People: Teaching the Sovereignty of God to Children (74 minutes)
David & Sally Michael
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2005 Conference - Elective Seminars

Nursery and Toddler Ministry: Preparing the Littlest Ones to Stand on Truth (56 minutes)
We will be discussing and discovering together: 1) the great joy in serving the smallest members of the flock; 2) the intentional, God-ward purpose for each nursery; and 3) the components that will ensure the laying of a Christ-centered, Christ-saturated foundation of truth on which our children can securely stand.

Joyce Heinrich
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Involving Students in the Learning Process (50 minutes)
This seminar give instruction on how to teach so that your students are active participants in the learning process rather than passive listeners only. It also presents why this is such an important factor in Bible teaching. Seminar includes discussion of the five levels of learning.

Sally Michael
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Developing Bible Skills in Children (60 minutes)
The Bible is the foundation for all truth. As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to diligently teach our children the scriptures. In this workshop we will set goals and give practical ideas for building Bible skills in children, nursery through the elementary years.

Jill Nelson
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Emphasizing Missions in Children's Programming (44 minutes)
This seminar will assist you with vision and tools to enlarge the hearts and minds of children and parents toward God's priority for world-wide missions.

Nancy Kesting
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Encouraging God Esteem in a Culture of Self Esteem (50 minutes)
Our culture is saturated with the unbiblical self-esteem myth, namely: My happiness and success is dependent on making much of myself. In this workshop we will explore how we can teach, love, and encourage children in such a way that they will find true happiness, not by making much of self, but by making much of Christ.

Jill Nelson
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Ministering to Families with Children with Disabilities (43 minutes)
How many children with disabilities are in your church and community? How does God want you to reach out and minister to them? This seminar is designed to help open your eyes to see disabilities from God's perspective, and to develop a Christ-like response in your church.

Mary Horning
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