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Foundations and Distinctions of a God-Centered Children's Ministry

What are the biblical foundations for discipling children in our homes and churches? How will we teach children and youth the "whole counsel of God"? Can we give young children a solid theological framework for faith? David and Sally will answer these questions as they lay out a vision for God-centered discipleship of children and youth. Join us to explore this vision with the hope that the next generations will be biblically literate worshippers who joyfully put their confidence in God through Jesus Christ.

Session 1: A Vision for God-Centered Worship in the Next Generation

Psalm 78 provides the basis for the biblical calling to teach the next generation. By differentiating between "activity orientation" and "vision orientation" in ministry, it is clear that achieving a biblical vision requires intentionality. This session concludes with a detailed look at the teaching we are called to pass on to the next generation.

Session 2: A Vision for Biblical Literacy in the Next Generation

David and Sally explain the principles for raising Bible-saturated children and youth. They focus on several essential aspects to achieve this: teaching the whole counsel of God, teaching true doctrine, and encouraging Scripture memorization.

Session 3: A Vision for Encouraging Faith in the Next Generation

Teaching requires not only a transfer of knowledge, but to help children and youth make personal application of Scripture in their daily lives. Learn how to encourage and equip parents in their God-given role as spiritual shepherds to their children.

Seminar Sessions

Not all IMPACT Conferences offer every one of the seminars listed below. Please check your area's IMPACT Conference brochure for a listing of seminars. (You will find this brochure pdf linked in the IMPACT information pages for your area.)

Equipping Parents for Vision-Oriented Discipleship of their Children

David Michael
God has established two institutions, the church and the family, for the instruction and discipleship of children. It is best when these two institutions cooperate and coordinate their efforts in this endeavor to nurture faith. In this seminar David Michael will offer biblical insights and practical strategies to prepare and equip parents for the discipleship of their children.

Teaching Preschoolers: How and Why?

Holly Urbanski
What do you do with preschoolers in church? Can you really teach them the Bible or should you just let them play? In this seminar, Holly Urbanski will share a philosophy of preschool ministry that will challenge you to use these years to introduce them to spiritual truth. Holly will also walk through the elements of the Children Desiring God preschool curriculum, focusing on a practical approach to teaching the Bible and structuring preschool classroom time.

Lesson Preparation and Presentation

Jill Nelson
Teaching the Bible to children is both a privilege and a responsibility. Teaching well depends on heart preparation, studying the lesson before teaching, and an effective lesson presentation. This seminar will include ideas to organize your lesson preparation, structure your teaching time, and encourage student understanding. Both new and seasoned teachers of elementary and junior high students will benefit from this seminar.

Reaching the Heart: The Importance of Application

Sally Michael
Teaching the Bible to children goes beyond imparting knowledge to leading children to "taste and see that the LORD is good!" How can we teach in such a way that children understand, respond to, and act on the Word of God? This seminar will emphasize the importance of reaching the heart when teaching children. Though only God can open blind eyes and soften hard hearts, we can be His means of grace to the children that we teach.

The Importance of Bible Literacy for the Next Generation

Jill Nelson
God has given parents and teachers both the opportunity and the calling to give our children a thorough knowledge of the Bible. This is a sober responsibility and also an exciting ministry. This seminar will focus on the importance of Bible literacy, as well as age-related goals and expectations, and practical tips for achieving these in the classroom and home.

The Power of the Memorized Word in the Fight of Faith

Brian Eaton
Believers have access to the most powerful weapon to fight the fight of faith-the Word of God. Come and learn how you can wield the sword of the Spirit through the discipline of Bible memorization. You will hear testimony of God's goodness and sanctifying power through His Word. You will also be given practical tools to help you, your family, and your church begin and sustain a Bible memory program. A live demonstration of the various features of the Fighter Verse App for Android and iPhone will be presented in this seminar.

Great Expectations: An Extraordinary Vision For Youth and Practical Ways to Impart It

Betty Dodge (Video Introduction by David Michael)
God's plans and expectations for young people are much higher than ours. The Bible, church history and present day reveal to us that God works in and through young people to accomplish His glorious purposes. In this seminar, David Michael will give an overview of this extraordinary vision for young people in a video introduction. Betty Dodge will then present practical ways to raise expectations and engage youth, their parents, teachers, and mentors in embracing God's unique purposes for young people.

Teaching and Mentoring Youth

Sally Michael
Dispelling the myth that adults can't "relate" to youth, this seminar focuses on the God-given role one generation has to mentor the following generation by providing instruction on teaching and mentoring youth. Training on teaching philosophy and practical strategies for teaching, preparing and leading discussions, asking good questions, and encouraging spiritual growth through application and personal encouragement is included in this seminar, as well as a brief overview of the Children Desiring God youth curriculum.

Starting Right! Laying a Biblical Foundation in the Nurseries

Joyce Heinrich
We will be discussing and discovering together: 1.) the essential importance of foundations laid in nursery ministry; 2.) the intentional, Godward purpose for each nursery; and 3.) the components that will ensure the laying of a Christ-centered, Bible-saturated foundation of truth on which our children can securely stand.

Presenting the Gospel to Children

Jill Nelson
What is the gospel message and how is it presented to children in Sunday School? This seminar will discuss ways to present the gospel accurately, earnestly, clearly, and in an age-appropriate manner.