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Four Resources for Moms as Disciplers of Their Children

April 25, 2018 in Blog with Comments
I thoroughly enjoy watching my daughter and daughter-in-law in the throes of motherhood. There is never a dull moment! But amidst all the busyness ? a good busyness ? my hope and prayer for them and myself is that we not lose sight of what is most important in our mothering: To acquaint our children […]... continue >>

Distinctions of the Truth78 Curriculum

April 25, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
At Truth78, we are committed to making God the main focus of each and every lesson by unfolding the Scriptures for children. Though each curriculum in our scope and sequence differs somewhat based on age and particular focus, all of our Sunday School, Midweek Bible, and Intergenerational curricula share the following distinctions: A Big Vision […]... continue >>

Summer Sowing with Backyard Bible Clubs

April 23, 2018 in Products with 0 Comments
My backyard looks like a barren arctic landscape. It’s hard to imagine planting a garden here when it’s currently buried under 18 inches of new April snow. But spring will come—eventually. God controls the times and seasons. He is faithful! Soon this lifeless looking space will burst forth in a myriad of beautiful colors. How? […]... continue >>

Like Arrows Movie Inspires Parents in Discipleship

April 19, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
On May 1st and 3rd, FamilyLife is releasing the feature film, Like Arrows, produced by Dennis and Barbara Rainey and Bob Lepine, as well as Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the producers of Courageous, Fireproof, War Room, and Facing the Giants. Bob Lepine summarizes the film this way: “Like Arrows is an honest portrayal of an ordinary couple journeying through every phase of […]... continue >>

Vision-Oriented Children’s and Youth Ministry

April 18, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
In our many years of mountain hiking, my family has only once experienced feeling hopelessly lost. We became surrounded by thick forest between two mountain buttes.  Although we continued to walk and make some progress, we did a lot of backtracking—wasting valuable time. It wasn’t until we emerged from the thick trees that we were […]... continue >>