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No Sin, No Gospel

June 29, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Last year I wrote a post titled, “Grasping Sin in Order to Grasp the Gospel,” which included this quote from D. A. Carson: There can be no agreement as to what salvation is unless there is agreement as to that from which salvation rescues us. The problem and the solution hang together: the one explicates […]... continue >>

24 Things Your Children Should Know About God’s Providence

June 28, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Lately, I find myself reflecting more and more on these words from the hymn, This Is My Father’s World: This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.  These few simple words carry an inexhaustible and unshakeable source of hope. They […]... continue >>

5 Reasons We Need to Encourage Active Learning

June 27, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Imagine a group of third graders in their Sunday school classroom. All are happily engaged—busy hands, feet, and voices—participating in a Bible lesson. This is active learning on display, right?…Maybe, but maybe not. It depends on your definition of “active learning.” Here is a definition from Sally Michael that I think gets to the heart […]... continue >>

How Will Our Children Learn to Honor God?

June 22, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Here are some thoughtful reflections from Pastor Andrew Murray (b.1828, d.1917) regarding the importance of the fifth commandment: The young child is guided, not by reflection or argument, but by feeling and affection. He cannot yet realize and honor the unseen God…The child can only honor what he sees to be worthy of honor. And […]... continue >>

A Great Summer Read

June 21, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
As parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors it is the deep longing of our hearts that our young people come to genuine saving faith in Christ—the sooner the better. But often our sincere longings may carry mixed signals and/or misunderstanding. For example, our eagerness for them to be saved may become outward pressure on them to […]... continue >>