Date - Mar 12, 2011


date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: David Michael | topic: 2011 - The Word

Prayer: Utter Dependence on God

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Leadership

We can do so much in our lives and ministry without God, can’t we? Don’t we? How long would it take us to notice if the Spirit has left us on our own? Has He? We are utterly dependent upon God in every circumstance, in every relationship, and in all ministries for all good and for the ability to honor His great name in them. There is a necessary connection between our felt dependency upon God and our pursuit of God in prayer. This bleeds over into our ministries. We are either modeling before people (children and adults) how to serve without God, or with Him. This seminar is intended to cultivate your thirst for a felt dependency upon God, and to express that thirst in prayer as you meditate upon Scripture. It is also intended to cultivate creative thought in how to lead your ministry teams and children/youth in prayer in the context of the ministry program, as you corporately meditate upon Scripture. This seminar is about seeking God with all of our hearts, through prayer.

Biblical Womanhood and Church Ministry

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Connie Oman | topic: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

There is much fulfilling work for women in the church, while embracing a complementary role that supports men in ministry. Consideration will be given as to how a woman serves in a leadership role biblically—coming under the appropriate male leadership with a submissive, supportive, and a servant-helper demeanor. We will review the scriptural foundation for gender roles, and seek to make specific application to areas of service for women.

Truth-Drenched Youth Ministry

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Kempton Turner | topic: Youth

How can we breed a ministry full of students who set their hearts to study, live, and teach the Word (Ezra 7:10), treasure the words of His mouth more than food (Job 23:12), delight in the law of the Lord (Psalm 1:2), desire God’s Word more than gold, and have the Word of Christ richly dwelling in them (Colossians 3:16) all to the praise and glory of King Jesus? We can’t! But God can! Come find out how God graciously seeks to create this kind of Bible-saturated breeding ground in your ministry to young people, for the fame of Jesus’ name in this generation!

Small Group Leading: Maximizing Spiritual Influence Through Relationships

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Sally Michael | topic: Small Groups

Relationships of trust foster opportunities to be a spiritual influence on students. This seminar focuses on practical suggestions for fostering healthy Gospel-oriented relationships, maximizing opportunities to be a spiritual influence, and getting beyond surface conversation to draw out heart issues.