Speaker - Bud Burk

Encouraging Your Children's Ministry Team

date: Mar 11, 2011 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Staff Management

For those of us in leadership, are we more obvious in our desire to get ministry right in terms of philosophy, theology, practical application, and a general order of things as compared to our obvious and believable love for people? We desperately need both, but where do we tend to land? This seminar is intended to do two things. First, it is intended to delight our hearts in the Gospel reality of God’s rich mercy and great love upon His own children. In sum: Be glad, God loves you in Jesus’ name! Secondly, it is intended to cultivate love for the people we serve with. It is intended to strengthen our longing to be with them, and to encourage them and to do so in practical ways. In sum: Love others!

Prayer: Utter Dependence on God

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Leadership

We can do so much in our lives and ministry without God, can’t we? Don’t we? How long would it take us to notice if the Spirit has left us on our own? Has He? We are utterly dependent upon God in every circumstance, in every relationship, and in all ministries for all good and for the ability to honor His great name in them. There is a necessary connection between our felt dependency upon God and our pursuit of God in prayer. This bleeds over into our ministries. We are either modeling before people (children and adults) how to serve without God, or with Him. This seminar is intended to cultivate your thirst for a felt dependency upon God, and to express that thirst in prayer as you meditate upon Scripture. It is also intended to cultivate creative thought in how to lead your ministry teams and children/youth in prayer in the context of the ministry program, as you corporately meditate upon Scripture. This seminar is about seeking God with all of our hearts, through prayer.

Prayer: Utter Dependence upon God in Children's Ministry

date: May 03, 2013 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Prayer

The Generations in the Worship Service

date: May 03, 2013 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Partnering with Parents