Topic - Children's Ministry Leadership, Leadership

Cultural Discernment

date: Mar 10, 2011 | speaker: Albert Mohler | topic: Leadership

What Would You Tell the Next Generation of Church Leaders?

date: Mar 10, 2011 | speaker: John Piper | topic: Leadership

Prayer: Utter Dependence on God

date: Mar 12, 2011 | speaker: Bud Burk | topic: Leadership

We can do so much in our lives and ministry without God, can’t we? Don’t we? How long would it take us to notice if the Spirit has left us on our own? Has He? We are utterly dependent upon God in every circumstance, in every relationship, and in all ministries for all good and for the ability to honor His great name in them. There is a necessary connection between our felt dependency upon God and our pursuit of God in prayer. This bleeds over into our ministries. We are either modeling before people (children and adults) how to serve without God, or with Him. This seminar is intended to cultivate your thirst for a felt dependency upon God, and to express that thirst in prayer as you meditate upon Scripture. It is also intended to cultivate creative thought in how to lead your ministry teams and children/youth in prayer in the context of the ministry program, as you corporately meditate upon Scripture. This seminar is about seeking God with all of our hearts, through prayer.

Mobilizing Men for Children's Ministry

date: May 01, 2009 | speaker: David Michael | topic: Leadership

How can we motivate men to be involved in a ministry role that can be perceived as a ministry better suited for women? This seminar will consider why the role of men in children’s ministry is crucial to the strength and effectiveness of that ministry, and explore strategies for mobilizing and equipping men for effective ministry with children and youth.

Shepherding Leaders Well

date: May 01, 2009 | speaker: Gil McConnell | topic: Leadership

Would you like to be settled and satisfied in God as you encourage and equip your team of leaders? Would you like to make the best use of your gifts and even your goof-ups, while navigating through anxiety and affliction? Come, be refreshed and strengthened with Gospel hope for the ministry to which God has called you.

Mentoring Teachers

date: May 01, 2009 | speaker: Connie Oman | topic: Leadership

How do you encourage new teachers and help them grow into mature teachers who effectively impart spiritual truth to children and youth? This seminar equips you to come alongside your new teachers with training and encouragement to help them grow in their teaching effectiveness. Instruction will be given on how to do teacher observations to provide helpful teacher feedback.

The Centrality of God in the Children's Ministry Leaders

date: May 01, 2009 | speaker: Sally Michael | topic: Leadership

This seminar will both explore the effect of our influence on others and challenge us to “guard our hearts and minds” so that we are authentic examples to the next generation.

Vision-Driven Children's Ministry Leadership

date: Apr 27, 2007 | speaker: Craig Sturm | topic: Leadership

This workshop is designed to help leaders in children's ministry think through how to lead with vision and not just be driven by the tyranny of the urgent or the expediency of the activities.

The Realities of Ministering to Youth and Children

date: May 03, 2013 | speaker: Ian Fry | topic: Leadership