Fighter Verses

Fighter Verses™ have been an important part of our ministry since 1997, as we encourage children, adults and churches to wholeheartedly embrace Scripture as the God-ordained Sword we use to fight for faith and memorize it together.

This compilation of 260 passages will help believers fight the fight of faith. The passages provide the encouragement we need daily, channeling our thoughts in three main directions: fixing our hearts on the character and worth of our great God; battling the desires of our flesh; and rejoicing in the work of Christ in the Gospel.

Our NIV2011 Fighter Verses packs are discontinued but the NIV2011 is still available as an in-app purchase in our Fighter Verses App. Please contact us with any questions (877-400-1414 or


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Fighter Verses Pack Fighter Verses Pack (ESV)
Fighter Verses - 10 Pack Fighter Verses - 10 Pack (ESV)