God's Wisdom

God's Wisdom

by Sally Michael

This family devotional was adapted from our Midweek curriculum The Way of the Wise.

Every day our children are confronted with the call of wisdom and the call of foolishness. Which call will they answer?

All of us start out on the path of foolishness because we are born with foolishness in our hearts. Only God can incline your child's heart toward the path of wisdom.

Through these teachings and stories from the Bible, Sally Michael describes for parents and children the characteristics of the foolish and the wise, contrasts for them the way of wisdom with the way of foolishness, and shows them the end result of each path.

In addition to these words from Proverbs, this full color, illustrated book includes application questions and activity suggestions. (128 pages)

Sally Michael seamlessly weaves New Testament and Old Testament stories together to teach biblical wisdom in a way that is clear, fun, and engaging for children. Her compelling word pictures and analogies make difficult concepts easier to grasp.

—Marty Machowski, Pastor, Author of The Gospel Story Bible

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God's Wisdom God's Wisdom