Print Booklets

The Bible consistently and explicitly lays upon parents the primary responsibility for teaching and modeling God’s truths to children. These printed, spiral-bound booklets help parents to provide spiritual leadership in the home.
A Father's Guide to Blessing His Children—David Michael is convinced that pronouncing blessings upon our children is a powerful way to plead for God's grace upon them and to give them a vision for what we hope they will become. Includes blessing cards, each based on a biblical text, with prayers that flow from a father's heart for his daughters and a pastor's heart for the children in his church. New American Standard Bible
Helping Children to Understand the Gospel—This booklet explores the following: preparing the hearts of children to hear the Gospel; discerning stages of spiritual growth; communicating the essential truths of the Gospel; and presenting the Gospel in an accurate and child-friendly manner. Includes a 10-week family devotional to help parents explain the Gospel to their children. English Standard Version
Praying for the Next Generation—What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your children? Sally Michael encourages you to consider the spiritual inheritance you can give to the next generation through your faithful prayers. In this booklet, she equips you with a method for using Scripture to pray for your child. New American Standard Bible
Preparing Young People for Baptism: Mentor's Guide
Baptism is a significant act of obedience in the life of a believer. This booklet outlines a process and objectives that a mentor—usually a father—can use to a lead a young person through the meaningful process of baptism preparation. English Standard Version
Preparing Young People for Baptism: Pastor's Supplement Designed for Pastors, the Pastor’s Supplement places the Mentor’s Guide in the framework of a church-sponsored process of preparing young people for baptism. This resource includes a Word® document with 15 forms that can be adapted and used within your own church.
Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations
Mothering is a great work; a God-given opportunity to influence the next generations to put their trust in God. This booklet will challenge you to look on your mothering with a biblical perspective, to seize the opportunities God gives you each day to encourage faith in you children, and to rely on Him as your Sin-bearer and Enabler to do the great work He has called you to do. English Standard Version