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We are excited to offer War for Mansoul for just $5.00 each! If you are teaching Fight the Good Fight, this is a perfect time to stock up on this recommended resource for your students and leaders. Limited quantities are available and prices are valid only while supplies last.

The War for Mansoul by John Bunyan, as told by Ethel Barrett

Recommended for students in 4th grade or older and teachers. Used with Fight the Good Fight.

Long ago, a mighty king named Shaddai built for himself a country called Universe with enough planets and galaxies to boggle the mind. Shaddai populated it with many thousands of angels, placing over them one wiser and more beautiful than the rest. This angel was Lucifer.

The perfect arrangement had one problem. Lucifer wanted to be as powerful as Shaddai, and he persuaded many angels to rebel. Shaddai brought judgment upon Lucifer and his followers, casting them out of heaven. Lucifer was renamed Diabolus.

The story might had ended there except Shaddai had built himself a town on earth called Mansoul. Mansoul was Shaddai’s delight. What sweeter revenge than to take Mansoul for myself? Diabolus thought.

Besides being a fascinating reading adventure, this John Bunyan classic is a stirring allegory of man’s fall and redemption. The War for Mansoul describes our spiritual struggles, failures, and victories. It helps us understand better the enemy we face. And it moves us to praise and worship our great King and Savior.

Available for $5.00 while supplies last.

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