When I Am Afraid

by Sally Michael

Children often have fears of things both real and imagined. Things that go "bump" in the night, big dogs, being in a strange place and even climbing to the top of the monkey bars can produce anxiety in children.

Simply telling a child "not to be afraid" is most often ineffective. So how are you guiding them to handle those fears? Children need the confidence that there is someone bigger, stronger, and wiser than themselves who will protect and care for them. But more than that, they need the assurance that someone will be there for them—to make everything right, to handle the difficulties they can't, to accomplish the tasks that are too hard for them, and to navigate the situations that are beyond their experience and ability. Often that bigger stronger, wiser person is a parent, grandparent or another adult. But parents and other adults are not supreme, all-powerful, and all-knowing. They fail children and find situations they can't navigate well.

Only One Person is sufficient to handle all the complexities of the universe, and in particular, the personal world of every child. That Person is God Almighty, the Creator, and Ruler of all things. When I Am Afraid encourages young children to look to God for courage and strength as it weaves together stories about everyday fears, promises God has made us in Scripture, and truths about our all-powerful and all-knowing God.

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