Indestructible Joy for the Next Generations

Edited by David and Sally Michael

“Our vision for the next generation is a vision for the indestructible joy of our children, and for the unsurpassable joy of those who love them and care about the outcome of their faith.”
—David Michael

“Children need to hear the words of God because when they hear the words of God, they are not just hearing a story, they are not just hearing doctrines, they are hearing Jesus Christ.”
—Russell Moore

“Do you want the children in your ministry to come to a deep, strong, unshakeable faith and be saved from sin and hell? The word of God rightly taught does that.”
—John Piper

“The default is that if we’re going to live in Canaan, our children will be Canaanites, unless there is some massive intervention that will prevent it. The last thing that should surprise us, given the biblical worldview, is that our children will look like the culture around them. That should never surprise us. The exception is anyone who would stand over as separate from that culture.”
—Albert Mohler

“We will only understand the glory of grace, of salvation, of freedom from the bondage of sin, and forgiveness from the guilt of sin, when we understand how bad sin is. Without a true understanding of their problem, children will have no context for seeing how glorious the solution is in Christ.”
—Bruce Ware

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Indestructible Joy Indestructible Joy