Fighter Verses

We believe that the life of faith is a fight of faith, and that believers must be armed for this fight. This fight is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities, so the Word of God is our indispensable sword. Through memorizing and meditating on the Word, this powerful sword becomes readily available to us at any time, providing us with ever-present counsel, encouragement, and protection from the enemy of our souls. Offering a variety of tools for preschool through adult, we pray that God would instill your heart with the conviction and yearning to memorize His Word so that it becomes a life-long practice.

The Fighter Verse App is now available for $2.99 for iPhone® and iPad®, Android®, and Kindle®. The App was created as a tool to help encourage Bible memory.

More resources are available at, including free Bible memory helps and review tools, a weekly blog, downloadable resources, songs, audio, links to Bible memory encouragement from the ministry of John Piper, and much more! To follow along with, download and print this handy bookmark (Set 5 for 2015) to carry in your Bible! (Marcapáginas en español: Grupo 5 por el año 2015.)

Fighter Verses—The Fighter Verses focus on the character and worth of our great God, encourage believers to battle against our fleshly desires, and remind believers of the hope of the Gospel. This five-year memory program is a revision of the original Legacy Verses and contains most of the original verses as well as some new ones. Available in a two-ring binder with five sets of yearly verses.
The Fighter Verse App—The Fighter Verse App is now available for iPhone® and iPad®, Android®, and Kindle®. The App was created as a tool to help encourage Bible memory.
Fighter Verse Songs—Every Fighter Verse™ Song CD includes word-for-word Bible passages (English Standard Version) set to music. These passages are specifically selected to help believers fight the fight of faith.
Fighter Verses—Extended—The Extended Memory Set is designed for those wishing to memorize longer passages of Scripture. Still structured as a five-year program, this set will walk you through memorizing large segments of or whole New Testament epistles, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.
Foundation Verses—Foundation Verses are strategically chosen Bible verses for children preschool through age five. The pack includes verses designed to lay a firm scriptural foundation of basic Biblical truth that will pave the way for faith response.