Glorious God, Glorious Gospel

Who is God, and what is He like? Why do I exist? How am I to act toward God? What is my greatest problem and need? What has God done to solve this problem? How can I be saved? How should I now live?

This family devotional is designed to help your children answer these important questions and ground them in the essential, foundational, and glorious truths of the Gospel.

Additionally, the interactive format is meant to encourage your children toward life-transforming faith in Christ by guiding, inspiring, and imploring them to personally and sincerely respond to God’s truth with their minds, hearts, and wills. Each chapter includes three major, distinct sections to accomplish this:

  • Instruct the Mind
  • Engage the Heart
  • Influence the Will

As your family studies Glorious God, Glorious Gospel, the accompanying Student Notebook will engage and equip your elementary students to participate in the devotional. During the Instruct the Mind portion, it highlights key truths and includes Scripture texts for students to read, observe, and interact with. Prompts provide space to record thoughts from the Engage the Heart discussion time as well as a chance to think and pray about ways to respond to God’s Word through a practical action step as you Influence the Will.

For younger children, the Coloring Book can be used to engage young minds and keep little fingers busy in order to help them refocus and absorb the main ideas you are presenting.

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“GLORIOUS GOD, GLORIOUS GOSPEL is one of the most creative, practical, and biblically-faithful overviews of central aspects of Gospel truth available for parents to use with their children.”

Bruce Ware, Professor of Christian Theology,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“There is no more important assignment for parents than the spiritual development of your children. Nothing matters more, and GLORIOUS GOD, GLORIOUS GOSPEL is going to make this task a whole lot easier for a lot of moms and dads.”

Bob Lepine, Co-Host,
FamilyLife Today®

“Use GLORIOUS GOD, GLORIOUS GOSPEL with your family and take your children through a heart-engaging study of our awesome God and His merciful Gospel rescue.”

Marty Machowski, Pastor and author of
The Gospel Story Bible

“GLORIOUS GOD, GLORIOUS GOSPEL provides everything parents need for meaningful, interactive discussions about foundational truths.”

Nancy Guthrie, Author of One Year of
Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters