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Beyond Classroom Management: Training Hearts Toward the Savior, Part 1

August 23, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Attentive, well-behaved children sound like a teacher’s dream. However, our goal is not simply well-behaved children, but children who joyfully submit to God. It starts with an understanding of authority structure God has put in place, which brings about calm order and joyful submission. Jesus is the best example of one living under submission (Philippians […]... continue >>

Hope and Help for Leading a Small Group

August 15, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
In my opinion, being a small group leader entrusted with leading application after the Bible lesson is the most challenging role in the Sunday school classroom. So much depends on following the lead of the Holy Spirit as you try to discern the thoughts and attitudes of the students and then encourage their responses God-ward […]... continue >>

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

August 8, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
One of the most difficult jobs in children’s and youth ministry is recruiting a full staff of volunteers who are not only joyfully motivated, but also adequately trained and equipped. Along with that is the challenge of retaining these volunteers from year-to-year, if at all possible, so that there is a stable, spiritually mature core […]... continue >>

Why Students Workbooks?

August 1, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Student Workbooks are one of the most important tools for you to have in your classroom to teach and train the children in your church or school! Children Desiring God encourages teachers to center their class on two main elements—teaching and application. To aid teachers and small group leaders with the application time, we have […]... continue >>

The Lord’s Supper and Children

July 26, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Sooner or later, a child who is regularly sitting through a Sunday morning worship service is bound to ask something like, “Why can’t I have a ‘snack’ like everyone else?” So it is not surprising that the second most-frequent question I am asked in children’s ministry is, “When should my child take the Lord’s Supper?” A General Response  […]... continue >>