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The Beauty and Ugliness of Christmas

December 13, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Childhood memories leave a lasting impression on our lives. In walking down memory lane, here are some of my own childhood memories regarding Christmas (in no particular order): a Christmas tree in the living room special decorations, lights, and candles singing Christmas carols a Nativity set in which baby Jesus was placed in the center […]... continue >>

A Gift That Keeps On Giving for a Lifetime

December 8, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
As a child, I remember the excitement I experienced as I watched the growing number of presents being placed under the Christmas tree. How many had my name on them? What was in that huge one? Would I receive the gift that I had been dreaming of? And yet, years later, I don’t really remember […]... continue >>

The Gift of Making Him Known this Christmas

December 7, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Are you still looking for a meaningful and unique gift for a special child in your life? A gift that is relatively inexpensive, yet points children to riches beyond measure? A gift that can foster wonderful conversations between parents and children? Then consider choosing a book from the Making Him Known series. Every book in […]... continue >>

Prayer Tools

December 5, 2017 in Blog with 1 Comments
The Lord knows that we need help to pray. That is why He taught His disciples how to pray and gave all believers His Spirit, so we would be able to pray even when we don’t feel able. Prayer does not change God; it changes us by revealing our sinful hearts, and it allows us […]... continue >>

Celebrating the One Who Is Most Special

December 4, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
How will you help your children be captivated by the joy and wonder of Christmas? Jesus Is Most Special, by Sally Michael, is the perfect way to share the story of the birth of Jesus, along with its context in the Bible, with young children. Through reading this book over and over, even the youngest […]... continue >>