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Youth Ministry as a Bridge

May 3, 2016 in Blog with 1 Comments
The older I get, the more concerned I have become about a growing tendency of “church flight” when our youth reach adulthood. For some young adults, this is demonstrated by their physical absence from any regular attendance in a local church. However, for many others, it is much more subtle. It is the absence of […]... continue >>

New Release: A Book That Every Parent Should Share With Their Children

May 2, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Years ago, before my grandmother passed away, we would sometimes sit and watch the news with her. After it was over, she would invariably comment, “I’m glad I’m on my way out.” This was usually in response to some news report that demonstrated the decline of traditional moral values in our society. I wonder what […]... continue >>

Gospel “Poles” and the Whole Counsel of God

April 27, 2016 in 2013 National Conference with 0 Comments
My family enjoys camping…old-fashioned tent camping. We have a very large tent that my children affectionately call the “Taj Mahal”. The frame of the tent is a series of poles that must first be assembled and then threaded through the proper sleeves of the tent fabric. This takes time. There is no short-cut. But when […]... continue >>

We Are Moving to a New Office Space

April 26, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Hello Friends, We will be moving to a new office space at the end of this week. Don’t worry, you will still be able to find us in all the same places online and over the phone. But, with all of the boxes to finish packing and things to move, our customer service team will be […]... continue >>

You CAN Do Catechism!

April 26, 2016 in Bible Skills with 0 Comments
One of the new seminars at this year’s national conference was on using catechisms for teaching children—especially in the home. In the future we will have this seminar by Sally Michael available on our web site. But until then, here is an excellent article for parents (take note fathers!!!) to encourage you to get started: […]... continue >>