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The Focus of Your Classroom

November 13, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
There are a variety of wonderfully exciting and visually appealing resources designed for the Sunday school classroom these days—high-tech digital media being just one example. There is no denying that these types of teaching tools have a special draw for children. But we must be extremely careful. As more than one pastor has cautioned the […]... continue >>

Fighter Verses App: Now Available in French and German

November 8, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the Fighter Verses App to include multiple languages. We added Spanish in 2012, French in 2016, and German in 2017. Having the Fighter Verses App in Spanish, French, and German might be really important to you if… Your heart language is Spanish, French, or German. You […]... continue >>

What Will the Next Generations Stand Upon?

November 7, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Imagine your children 20 years from now. What do you want them to “stand upon” and have full confidence in? What will provide the only unshakable bedrock for them in the midst of the world’s changing norms and values? What will they hold fast to as they are bombarded with more and more information in […]... continue >>

Our Children have a Worldview—What will it be?

October 31, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
We live in an increasingly postmodern world in which truth is no longer valued to the degree it once was. More often than not, people understand “truth” to be relative and self-defined, meaning that each person defines truth in a way that seems best to him or her. Furthermore, the acceptance of “absolute truth” has […]... continue >>

What About Halloween?

October 30, 2017 in Blog with 0 Comments
Halloween is fast upon us. In the United States, the celebration of Halloween now rivals Christmas in the amount of money spent per household. As a child, I was one of the many excited, costumed children who went through the neighborhood collecting a sack full of candy…I’m not so sure my parents were so excited […]... continue >>