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Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

November 25, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
As we enter the Thanksgiving weekend and take a moment to think about our blessings, our team here at Children Desiring God is so thankful for the blessing of you…our partners in ministry. We are honored you support us and are thankful for the opportunities you are given to teach the next generation about our […]... continue >>

Meditating on the Word in a Sound-bite World

November 24, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
As someone who is passionately committed to teaching children the Word of God, I have grown more and more concerned with the effects that the frequent use of digital media may have on our desire and/or ability for sustained concentration and deep, analytical thought—the type of concentration and thought needed to rightly study, discern, and […]... continue >>

Growing Up in a World of Terrorism

November 23, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
As parents, we long to protect our children from a myriad of dangers. And, in increasing measure, western affluent cultures have minimized these dangers through the development of safety innovations: car seats, cordless blinds, baby monitors, etc. All are good and helpful for keeping our kids safe. But as recent world events attest, the world […]... continue >>

The Fighter Verses Coloring Contest!

November 18, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
Here at Children Desiring God, we are so excited about the release of The Fighter Verses Study, and especially The Fighter Verses Coloring Book! The Fighter Verses Coloring Book features 52 original illustrations, each based on a verse from Set One of the Fighter Verses Bible memory program. The verses, along with key truth statements […]... continue >>

Why I Bought The Fighter Verses Coloring Book

November 17, 2015 in Blog with 2 Comments
This fall was a big transition for our 4-year-old grandson. Because our church strongly encourages families to be together in corporate worship, childcare during the worship service ends at age 4. My husband and I, and David’s parents gladly affirm and embrace this policy established by our pastor and elders! So now David is with […]... continue >>