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Keeping Up Appearances in the Classroom

August 24, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
No, it’s not the highest priority in the Sunday school classroom, but appearances do matter especially in the younger ages. What do the children see when they enter the classroom? How might the physical appearance and design of the classroom serve to help or hinder a child’s experience in musical worship, biblical instruction, and meaningful […]... continue >>

Treasured Family Time in Worship

August 23, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
Many of you have already read or listened to this recent excellent response by John Piper to the question: “Should Children Sit Through ‘Big Church’?” It is definitely a must-read for every pastor, ministry volunteer, parent, grandparent…every church member. Here was one mother’s comment regarding this post: Thank you, Pastor John & Noel. I was […]... continue >>

Our Favorite Parenting Books

August 22, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
One of the great joys of being a parent is watching your child parent your grandchildren. But it also is a reminder of how difficult parenting is—really difficult! This is especially true for those of us who long to raise a future generation of men and women who love the Lord their God with all […]... continue >>

What We Mean by Gospel-Centered

August 17, 2016 in Blog with 0 Comments
What comes to mind when you see the term “Gospel-centered” applied to children’s and youth curricula? For some, this description depicts a curriculum in which every single lesson presents an easy-to-recite, step-by-step overview of the Gospel that students are encouraged to affirm. For others, there is a belief that every lesson must explicitly connect to […]... continue >>

Before You Teach: An Encouragement and Caution

August 16, 2016 in Blog with 2 Comments
Here is an encouragement for teachers or those considering teaching children or youth who may feel inadequate because they lack some kind of formal theological training and don’t “know” as much as they would like to: “The gift of teaching isn’t knowing much, but helping others know more with warranted reasons and clear explanations” —John […]... continue >>