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Open My Eyes: Contest Winner

August 31, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
Thank you to everyone who participated in our August 19 contest to win a free Classroom Kit of our new youth curriculum, Open My Eyes: A Study for Youth on Studying the Bible. It was so encouraging to read how you have pursued studying the Bible…both the easier and harder to understand books. The winner of our contest, chosen […]... continue >>

Interview with Sally Michael

August 31, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
In the current issue of CREDO magazine, “Let the Children Come to Jesus,” Matthew Barrett has an informative interview with Sally Michael. Here are some of the questions he posed to her: What makes a good children’s book? What is the number one mistake churches make when structuring and developing a children’s Sunday school curriculum […]... continue >>

God’s Rules and Biblical Balance

August 26, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
In the past, children’s Bible resources were often marked by “moralism,” whereby the end goal was to produce outwardly “good little boys and girls.” But what these resources often inadvertently encouraged was faithless little boys and girls, working hard in a futile effort to earn a right standing before God by keeping His rules. Hopefully, […]... continue >>

Arm them with the Gospel

August 25, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
One of the great privileges of teaching or leading a small group is the many opportunities to share the Gospel with children. But we often make an assumption that our children’s ministry volunteers are well taught and articulate in the “what” and “how” in communicating the Gospel to children. I know that, for myself, I […]... continue >>

The Why and What of a Christian Education

August 24, 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments
Dr. Albert Mohler makes a great case for why our children and students need a distinctly Christian education of the mind: Christianity recognizes and affirms the importance of the intellect. The life of the mind is understood to be a central issue of Christian discipleship. The Christian is not only to live in obedience to […]... continue >>