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12 Reasons to Choose Truth78 Curriculum

May 21, 2018 in Curriculum with 0 Comments
After an unusually long, cold winter, it’s finally summer! But churches are already thinking ahead to the fall. What will they teach the students next year; the current curriculum or something new? There are many varied reasons for choosing one curricula over another. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider teaching the Truth78 curricula: […]... continue >>

Laying a Sure Foundation for Babies and Toddlers

May 18, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
How would you describe your church’s nursery environment? What are the expectations when parents hand over their child to the nursery workers? How do nursery staff perceive their role? How does your pastor and leadership view the nursery? These are all good questions to ponder. For too long nurseries have been part of church life […]... continue >>

That They May Know, Honor, and Treasure God

May 16, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
Our new vision statement communicates our heartfelt desire for the next generations and begins with three distinct goals: that the next generations know, honor, and treasure God. Why these three? Because we believe each communicates essential, foundational realities necessary for the Christian life. Know God   In its totality, knowing God encompasses both an intellectual […]... continue >>

Truth78 at TGC 2018 Women’s Conference

May 14, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
Truth78 will host a special late night event with John Piper at TGC’s 2018 Women’s Conference in Indianapolis, IN, June 15. Prior to his plenary message on Saturday morning, John Piper will join us for Late Night with Truth78 on Friday, June 15 at 9:15 pm, where he and David Michael will talk about the […]... continue >>

Keep Your Children in Worship, for Worship

May 11, 2018 in Blog with 0 Comments
I remember asking my Dad if I needed to tithe on my small allowance when I was very young. How could a dime make a difference to the work of the church? I wondered. “I think I should wait to start tithing until I have more to give,” I said, as he handed me my […]... continue >>